Purchasing a heavy-duty custom pumper shouldn’t be complicated. You shouldn’t have to choose between levels of quality, or compromise heavy-duty material and durability. Sutphen makes custom easy. The custom quality and dependability you’ve come to know and trust from Sutphen extends throughout our Heavy Duty Custom Pumper offerings. With a wide variety of body, pump module, tank, ladder storage, and hose bed options, you can be sure that we can build a truck that meets your needs at a price that fits your budget.

Sutphen is proud to offer our Custom Pumper in #304 Stainless Steel, or 3/16” Extruded Aluminum body construction.  We offer numerous options for compartment configurations, pump options and pump panel configuration, and electrical options to make sure your apparatus is built to handle any firefighting situation.

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  • Sutphen manufactures the entire apparatus from the ground up.  This includes the cab, chassis, pump module and body.  There is no split service responsibility with a Sutphen.
  • Double frame rail the entire length of the chassis.
  • Heaviest rear body sub-structure in the industry.
  • The chassis frame is double 3/8” thick at the pump module area for greater strength.
  • Easily access the pump area through the large top hinged pump access door at the left side pump panel.
  • Recessed pump panels keep suction accessories from protruding, and the valves are mounted directly to the pump behind the pump panel.
  • Heavy duty body construction available in #304 Stainless Steel, or 3/16” Extruded Aluminum, and the body is HuckBolted to the frame providing excellent strength and rigidity.
  • Body compartments are large, full depth and provide ample storage space for rescue tools and equipment.
  • Compartment interiors are maintenance free, don’t require painting, and reflect light for better visibility.
  • Hale, Waterous, or Darley foam systems, and CAFS options available.
  • Stainless steel pump plumbing.
  • Easily repairable poly tank with lifetime warranty is standard

Booster tank: 500-1000 gallon water tank capacity

Air bottle storage: Capacity for up to 7 air bottles stored in the fender wells

Compartment space: Over 300 cu. ft. of usable compartment space, depending on body style

Pump/Tank: Hale, Waterous, or Darley pumps available. 1500-2000 gpm mid-ship mounted.

Standard Discharges:  (2) 2.5” left, (1) 2.5” right, (1) 3” right, (2) 2” crosslays


  • Monarch 56”, 62”, 73” cab options with flat, 10” half, or 15” half raised roof options
  • Front Axle and Suspension up to 25,500 lbs.
  • Rear Axle and Suspension up to 31,000 lbs.
  • 12” bumper standard, optional 6”, 18”, 24”, or 30” extension options.  Optional steel or steel channel, painted bumper.
  • Engine Options:  Cummins ISL 9 400 or 450HP, Cummins ISX 12L 425, 450, or 500HP, or Cummins ISX 15L 600HP.
  • Transmission:  Allison Gen 5 EVS 3000 or EVS 4000 (dependent on engine)
  • Point-to-Point or Multiplex wiring systems
  • 169-200” Wheelbase (depending on body and pump module configuration)


  • Hale, Waterous, or Darley, 1000 to 2000 gpm
  • Standard Pump Equipment:  (2) 6” main suction, (2) 2.5” discharges left, (1) 2.5” discharge right, (2) 5” crosslay, (1) 3” tank to pump, and (1) 1.5” tank fill
  • Black vinyl, brushed, or mirrored finish stainless pump panel
  • Up to 1000 gallons poly water tank
  • Two type of pump modules, side and top mount. With 14 different configurations.


  • 3/16” Extruded Aluminum, or #304 Stainless Steel bolted body, Huck bolted to the chassis frame
  • (19) body configurations to choose from
  • Over 300 cu. ft. of usable compartment space
  • Roll up doors or hinged doors offered in painted or non-painted satin finish
  • Alco-Lite or Duo-Safety ladders


  • EMS/storage cabinet options in the cab
  • Hose storage, front suction, front discharge options in the bumper
  • Multiple pump inlet, discharge, and crosslay options
  • Foam system options
  • Generator options up to 30 kw
  • Numerous electrical and scene lighting options

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