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Manufactured on a Sutphen Monarch Extreme-Duty Chassis, the Sutphen SLTDA 105 brings everything you’ve come to know in a Sutphen apparatus to the tractor drawn aerial market.

The Strongest Aerial Device in the Industry: Constructed using #6061-T6 aluminum alloy and fastened with aircraft grade Huck® bolt technology, the aerial has a safety factor of 3:1, unmatched in the industry.  The Huck® bolt system eliminates the need for welds.  Welding weakens the material, making it susceptible to cracking.

Lower Aerial Maintenance: The aluminum aerial device never needs painted and won’t rust.  Aerial slide blocks are constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) that requires little to no maintenance.

Heavy Duty Body: The Sutphen body is constructed from corrosion resistant #304 Stainless Steel.  Body compartments are bolted together for strength and ease of repair.  Body compartments are tall and deep providing ample storage space for rescue tools and other bulky equipment, as well as tool mounting boards, shelves, trays, etc.

Heavy Duty Cab Interior:  Cab interiors are well appointed and very durable.  Stainless steel door panels are standard, and heavy duty Durawear material covers the headliner and back wall.  Bostrom Secure-All ABTS SCBA seats Durawear covered seats are standard.

Monarch Extreme-Duty Cab: The Sutphen SLTDA 105 uses Sutphen’s renowned Monarch Extreme-Duty custom chassis allowing for consistency and extreme-duty across all Sutphen products.

Apparatus Body:

  • Construction: Heavy Duty, corrosion resistant #304 stainless steel body
  • Doors: Roll up doors or hinged doors offered in painted or non-painted satin finish
  • Ladders: Up to 315 feet of ground ladders
  • Tank: Up to 300-gallon water tank
  • Air Bottle Storage: Capacity for up to 8 air bottles stored in the fender wells
  • Compartment Space: Options available with more than 620 cubic feet of usable compartment space

Pump Features:

  • Hale, Waterous or No Pump options available
  • Aerial Monitor: Akron, Elkhart or TFT options available
  • Flow up to 1,500 GPM out of the aerial device
  • Crosslay configurations available
  • Aerial device flow rated at 1,500 GPM

Apparatus Features:

  • Tractor wheelbase ranging from 153″ – 180″
  • One set of “H-Style” outriggers with a total jack spread of 18 feet
  • Short-jacking capabilities for narrow roads and alleyways
  • Spacious tiller cab measuring 62.5” wide at hip and shoulder
  • Trainer’s seat enclosed in the tiller cab
  • Clear tiller sight lines for peak apparatus performance
  • Jackknife up to 90 degrees for both turning and aerial set up
  • Operating range of -5 degrees to +75 degrees
  • Angle of departure at 15 degrees

Ladder Features:

  • Compact, 4-section ladder
  • 105’ of vertical reach
  • 97’ – 7” of horizontal reach
  • Aerial device rated with a 750-pound tip load when dry and 500-pound tip load when wet
  • 3:1 safety factor
  • Electric, remote-controlled monitor at the tip of the aerial
  • 4” aerial waterway inlet for both sides
  • 30-year aerial structural and corrosion warranty

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