The most reliable, high quality fire apparatus in the world is available for industrial fire fighting in both Aerial and Pumper configurations. Sutphen skilled craftsmen hand build every chassis and apparatus in our own facilities. Because we do it all, we can customize any apparatus to your unique requirements and specifications.

Sutphen apparatus feature National Foam Servo Command Foam Systems. Coupled with Sutphen technology we go “All Out” to provide the most durable high-perfomance foam delivery apparatus the industry has to offer.

The SPI112 offers the high flow capability of the SAI110 with the functionality of a platform. With flow rates above 3,000 GPM from a pressurized water source, Sutphen has established a hold on the high-flow aerial platform market.


Highest Flow of Any Platform in the Industry: With flow rate above 4,000 GPM from a 112’ platform, the Sutphen SPI112 is the #1 flow rated aerial platform in the market. The ability to provide such high flow rates from an elevated position gives you a new level of aerial firefighting capabilities.

The Strongest Aerial Device in the Industry:  Four sides are always better than three, and the Four-Sided Box Boom design of the Sutphen Aerial Device makes it the strongest in the industry.  Constructed using 6061 T6 aluminum alloy and fastened with aircraft grade HuckBolt technology, the aerial has a safety factor of 3:1, unmatched in the industry.  The HuckBolt system eliminates the need for welds.  Welding weakens the material, making it susceptible to cracking.  The superior use of materials and unmatched craftsmanship that are found in all Sutphen aerials are what allows us to enable our aerials to reach such high flow rates.

Sutphen Signature Mid-Mount Design: Not only did we invent it, but we’ve perfected it.  The Mid-Mount design has been the Sutphen signature design for over 50 years, and while others have tried to copy it, no one can match the quality and dependability of a Sutphen.

Lower Center of Gravity: The Sutphen Mid-Mount design and lower overall weight naturally contribute to a lower center of gravity.  An apparatus with a lower center of gravity is a safer, more stable, and better handling piece of equipment.

Ease of Maintenance and Serviceability: Not having the platform rest over the cab means not having to raise the aerial in order to tilt the cab for access to the engine or other vital chassis components.  Daily checks and service can be done inside the station or service center.

Heavy Duty, But Not Heavy:  Sutphen Aerial Apparatus typically have an in service weight 10-20 Tons less than our competition.  Don’t be mistaken though, lighter weight doesn’t mean lighter duty.  What lighter weight does mean is better acceleration, better breaking with shorter stopping distance, and less wear and tear on your brakes and brake components which reduces maintenance costs.

Lower Aerial Maintenance:  The aluminum aerial device never needs painted, and won’t rust.  Aerial slide blocks are constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic that requires little to no maintenance.

No Need for a Torque Box:  One thing you’ll notice missing from a Sutphen Aerial Apparatus is a torque box.  The overall lighter weight of a Sutphen, and the mounting of the turntable directly to the frame, eliminates the need for a torque box.  No torque box to take up space means we can offer more compartment space, more hose, and ladder storage space, and options for larger water tanks.

Stainless Steel Plumbing: Like all Sutphen aerials, the SPI112 features all stainless steel plumbing to prolong the life our your apparatus and reduce maintenance costs.

Heavy Duty Cab Interior:  Cab interiors are well appointed and very durable.  Stainless steel door panels are standard, and heavy duty Durawear material covers the headliner and back wall.  Bostrom Secure-All ABTS SCBA seats Durawear covered seats are standard.

Multiple Seating Configurations: Cab and interior configurations available to accommodate anywhere from 6 to 10 personnel all while still maintaining a “full tilt” cab.

Superior Driving Visibility:  With no ladder hanging over the top of the cab, your visibility is much greater.  With the Mid-Mount design, there is nothing to block your view of busy intersections, street corner signs, or traffic lights.

High Capacity TFT Monitors: With dual TFT Monsoon, 2000 gpm each, monitors on both sides of the platform you can better suppress the fire from multiple angels.

Up to 1000 Gallons of Foam: Foam tank capacity of up to 1,000 gallons.

Heavy Duty Body:  The Sutphen body is constructed from corrosion resistant #304 Stainless Steel.  Body compartments are bolted together for strength and ease of repair.  Body compartments are tall and deep providing ample storage space for rescue tools and other bulky equipment, as well as tool mounting boards, shelves, trays, etc.

Additional Features:

  • All Sutphen Aerial Apparatus are rated for 50 mph wind load.
  • Single source design, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • The Sutphen Aerial will operate at full capacity anywhere within the operating envelope, regardless of extension or elevation, thus eliminating the need for a load chart.
  • The hydraulic system operates with lower hydraulic pressure and lower heat; this is due to the lower weight of the device.
  • All Sutphen Aerial Apparatus include a Twenty (20) year structural warranty.


CHASSIS: Monarch 56”, 62”, cab options with flat or 10” and 15” half raised roof options

  • Front Axle and Suspension 24,000 lbs.
  • Rear Axle and Suspension 58,000 lbs.
  • 12” bumper standard, optional 6”, 18”, or 24” extension options.  Optional steel or steel channel, painted bumper
  • Engine Options:  Cummins ISX 12 500 HP or ISX 15 600 HP
  • Transmission:  Allison EVS 4000
  • Standard 270” Wheelbase (with 56” cab)

PUMP: Hale

  • Hale 8fg 3000 gpm
  • Foam systems:  Foam Pro Accumax or National Foam Servo Command, or Williams Hot Shot
  • Discharges:  (3)  6” right, (1) 2.5” right, (1) 2.5” left,  foam concentrate discharge 3” right or left, (2) 1.75” crosslay, 5” rear discharge
  • Monitors:  (2) TFT Monsoon, Akron Masterstream, or Elkhart Scorpion, 2000 gpm each, remote operated
  • Tank capacity for up to 1000 gallons of foam and/or water

BODY: Sutphen

  • #304 Stainless Steel bolted body, Huck bolted to the chassis frame
  • Hosebed Capacity for up to 700’ of 6” LDH
  • Capacity for up to 7 air bottles stored in the fender wells
  • ROM roll up doors in painted or brushed finish.  Hinged doors optional
  • Alco-Lite ladders, aerial compliment

AERIAL LADDER: 5-section ladder

  • (2) 1000 GPM monitors/nozzles, one each side of the platform
  • 4500 psi breathing air to the platform
  • 120 volt outlet in the platform


  • Mid-mount design allows for a lower center of gravity, resulting in a more stable and better handling apparatus.
  • Patented “X” Jacks stabilizer system
  • Huck-bolted, 4-sided box design boom provides superior strength and rigidity, and results in a 3:1 safety factor.
  • Aerial waterway and hydraulics are totally enclosed in the box boom reducing the risk of damage and costly repair expense.
  • Aerial is constructed of #6061-T6 aluminum that will withstand extreme climate and intense heat situations.  The aerial is left unpainted for ease of maintenance and lower repair cost.
  • The aerial device is rated with a 1000# tip load when dry, and 750# while flowing water.

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