Sutphen’s emphasis on service after the sale continues with our commitment to education and training opportunities. With Sutphen’s recently opened service and training center, we offer nearly 1,300 square feet of classroom space for up to 30 students.

This classroom allows for departments from across the country to join our experts in learning and sharing knowledge of our one-of-a-kind apparatus.

In addition to our classroom setting, our training focuses on hands-on learning experiences. This means getting out into the shop, working through processes and engaging in the work. This experiential learning engages our customers and creates the best learning environment possible.

Through these learning experiences and workshops, attendees will have the opportunity to earn official Sutphen, vendor and industry-recognized certifications.

For more information on our upcoming training sessions, be sure to check this page or reach out to our service department directly. You can find our service department’s contact information by clicking here.

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