Why Get Certified by the EVT Certification Commission

Getting certified as an emergency vehicle technician is rewarding. It’s reliable. It’s recognizable. It’s an investment.

As an emergency vehicle technician (EVT), passing the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission’s national exams empowers you to become an asset to your fire department, your fleet maintenance crew and/or your business. While the path to certification may take time, the EVT Commission creates a baseline for acceptable standards and allows apparatus operators to ensure that only the best technicians are maintaining their sophisticated pieces of machinery.

Sutphen’s Service and Technical Division now offers prep classes and proctored exams for the EVT Certification Commission’s national exams. Below are four reasons why every emergency vehicle technician should get board certified and propel their careers forward with continued learning opportunities.

  • Opportunity for Additional Pay
    • Your bottom line is where the rubber meets the road (pun intended). At the end of the day, as an EVT, taking classes, passing exams and proving your abilities to your department, your fleet or your business makes you more valuable. By taking apparatus maintenance classes and EVT national exams, you increase the chance of pay raises and increase your own marketability.
  • Learn from the Best
    • The emergency vehicle space is one full of pride. Whether it is the firefighters washing Ladder 12 or the EVTs getting Engine 15 back on the road, pride in your work goes a long way. When you have the opportunity to learn from the best in the trade, you take it. Sutphen’s EVT classes are taught by Sutphen’s own technicians who implement a robust hands-on and classroom training schedule.
  • Career Advancement
    • Proving yourself as a master emergency vehicle technician increases credibility, responsibility and the chances of getting that ever-sought-after promotion. As you look to advance in any stage of your career, continued learning is a fundamental piece. By taking classes and passing national exams, you prove yourself as a knowledgeable technician who can take their career to the next level.
  • Employers Need You
    • Employers need trained and certified emergency vehicle technicians. As a certified EVT, you become a reliable and integral piece in every emergency vehicle space.

For additional information about Sutphen’s class opportunities and the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission’s national exams, reach out to the Sutphen Service and Technical Division via phone or email.

You can also find the entire list of classes Sutphen offers here: 2023 Sutphen Course Catalog.

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