The Sutphen Delivery Center

The shine of a new apparatus, the excitement of your new rig, the final results of hard work.

The Sutphen Experience culminates with the final inspection of a new apparatus. The time, effort and preparation that go into a new Sutphen fire truck are placed on full display during final inspection.

Behind three, massive, red firehouse doors, the Sutphen Delivery Center is a dedicated showroom and inspection floor for customers’ first look at their new unit.


In the Sutphen Delivery Center, we prioritize the customer experience by providing a unique and customized visit tailored to you and your apparatus.

With dedicated customer experience specialists responsible for ensuring a smooth final inspection, we are confident that our showroom experience will leave you wowed.

During final inspection, we encourage you to review the truck in its entirety. This includes a meticulous review of the mechanics; a scrutinized pump test; a thorough, but careful, road test; and anything else you need to do to feel comfortable with your final inspection.

When the reliability of your equipment can mean the difference between life and death, a final inspection of your new Sutphen is an important step in guaranteeing the readiness and effectiveness of your new unit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sutphen. Whether that is as a first-time purchaser or a long-time customer, we will see you soon.


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