Sutphen’s New Facility and the Industry’s Most Extreme-Duty Chassis

Occupying a portion of the new facility’s 185,000-square-foot manufacturing footprint, Sutphen’s emphasis on its Monarch Extreme-Duty chassis is apparent the moment you step into the manufacturing facility.

DeChassis Linesigned and constructed specifically with Sutphen’s chassis production in mind, the new facility’s expansive chassis operations create combined efficiencies among groups and workflows unlike ever before.

With multiple chassis manufacturing lines running concurrently along more than a football field’s worth of space, the layout of the new facility creates streamlined processes for Sutphen’s chassis manufacturing teams.

From raw frame rails to completed chassis, the new facility’s layout benefits both production team members and Sutphen customers.

As a sole-source manufacturer, the benefit of having every piece of Sutphen’s chassis built and assembled in one location cannot be understated. Rather than creating confusion between multiple facilities and various teams, one location is responsible for all chassis manufacturing and construction.

This benefits production pace, quality, workflow and much more.Sutphen Chassis

From a customer perspective, the inception to fruition production strategy allows customers to see a true depiction of all that Sutphen has to offer. Customers can walk through each step of Sutphen’s chassis manufacturing process and understand specific details of Sutphen’s chassis.

Customers can ask questions and tangibly see how the most extreme-duty chassis in the industry is built. Once you see Sutphen’s dedication to the details, you will understand what sets the Monarch Extreme-Duty chassis apart from the rest of the industry.



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