Sutphen offers a wide range of service options for apparatus both new and old. Below, you can find information regarding Sutphen’s various offerings and recommendations including annual service inspections and paint upkeep. If you do not see what you are looking for, you can find our contact information and more of what we offer by clicking here.

Middlefield FD
City of Scranton Fire Department

Annual Service Inspections:

Whether your department responds to 10,000 calls a year or 500, your fire apparatus is a critical, life-saving piece of equipment that needs to be ready.

In order to protect your apparatus from routine wear and tear, we recommend annual service inspections from a certified Sutphen technician. Our technicians work with your department to inspect every aspect of your truck and ensure your apparatus will work with your department for years to come. Below you will see a list of Sutphen’s annual inspection items.

Annual Inspection includes:

  • Inspection of chassis and components (excluding brakes)
  • Inspection of the fire pump, valves and components
  • Inspection of the hydraulic system and components, both pressure and operation
  • Lubrication of all grease fittings
  • Complete inspection of ladder, components, cable adjustments and ladder lubrication
  • Inspection of torque for aerial base and all major fasteners

As a point of note, logistics make performing fluid changes during annual inspections difficult. We find that fluid changes are typically best accomplished by your local heavy truck service facility or your municipality’s service center.

Paint Upkeep:

In order to keep your paint in the best condition possible, we have specific and tedious cleaning recommendations. Your paint will be best maintained by following the recommendations below:

During the first 90 days of ownership:

  • Do not wax painted surfaces.
  • When washing painted surfaces, wash with a mild automotive soapy water and a terry cloth or microfiber cloth
  • When removing bugs from painted surfaces, use a foaming window cleaner that does not contain ammonia

After the first 90 days of ownership:

  • You may wax painted surfaces with a quality automotive carnauba paste or liquid.
City of Alabaster Fire Department

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