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EEO- Voluntary Self-Identification Survey
Sutphen Towers, Inc. is subject to certain governmental recordkeeping & reporting requirements. In order to comply with these regulations, we invite you to voluntarily complete the Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO) – Self Identification Form. Submission of this information is “VOLUNTARY” and refusal to provide will not subject you to any diverse treatment. The information obtained will be kept confidential and may be used only in accordance with provisions of applicable laws.
GENDER: (Please check one of the options below)
Race/Ethnicity: (Please check one of the descriptions below corresponding to the ethnic group with which you identify.)
DISABLED/VETERAN CLASSIFICATION(S): Regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor with respect to disabled individuals, disabled veterans, and Vietnam Era veterans require that federal contractors provide an opportunity for self-identification to employees. Such self-identification is submitted on a voluntary basis, on a confidential basis, for use only in accordance with regulations, and without subjecting the employee to adverse treatment.
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