Sutphen Corporation Unveils Tractor Drawn Aerial

Sutphen Corporation displays new Tractor Drawn Aerial in FDIC Booth #3324

Press Release – Sutphen Corporation 

DUBLIN, OHIO – Today, Sutphen Corporation, the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, officially unveils its new tractor drawn aerial.

The Sutphen SLTDA 105, on display in Sutphen Booth #3324 at FDIC International, adds to Sutphen’s dynamic product lineup and is the company’s first TDA since the 1990s.

“Every build is important to us,” said fourth-generation family member and Sutphen vice president, Julie Sutphen Phelps. “But the focus and dedication put into a new product is an unmatched process. This truck has been under a microscope since the idea first formulated.”

The truck, destined for DeKalb County Fire and Rescue in DeKalb County, Georgia, is available for all FDIC attendees to see within Sutphen Booth #3324 in the Indiana Convention Center

“This is an opportunity for customers both new and old to see our dedication to the fire service and the innovative spirit that runs deeps in our family,” said fourth-generation family member and Sutphen president, Drew Sutphen. “This truck is the talk of the show, and we hope that everyone gets the opportunity to visit our booth, see the TDA and learn about the Sutphen family.”

The truck was built in close partnership with DeKalb County Fire and Rescue, a Sutphen customer since the 1980s.

“Seeing DeKalb County Fire Rescue’s new Sutphen TDA on the FDIC show floor is a culmination of hard work and dedication from both Sutphen and DeKalb County Fire Rescue. The opportunity to showcase our new apparatus to fire departments from across the world is an honor and brings this entire project full circle,” said DeKalb County Fire Rescue Captain Bryan Dobson. “From hypothetical concept to the reality of a Sutphen TDA serving the citizens of DeKalb County, I cannot understate what a privilege it has been to work so closely with both Sutphen and our dealer, Williams Fire Apparatus.”

Customers are encouraged to visit or contact their local Sutphen dealer for more information.

Customers can find their Sutphen dealer by following the link here:

To see the SLTDA 105 release video, follow the link here: SLTDA 105 Video


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