Sutphen Corporation Announces the Launch of a New Front Axle and Suspension System

Sutphen Corporation partners with Hendrickson to create a new front axle and suspension option for all Sutphen, Monarch extreme-duty chassis customers.

Press Release – Sutphen Corporation

DUBLIN, OHIO – Sutphen Corporation, the largest family-owned fire apparatus manufacturer in the nation, announces the launch of the Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT Front Axle and Suspension System option on all Sutphen, Monarch extreme-duty custom chassis.

Sutphen’s integration of the STEERTEK NXT Front Axle and Suspension System solidifies itself as an industry leader in maneuverability, ride quality and suspension capability.

“As Sutphen advances within the industry, we continue to find ways to improve our products,” said Drew Sutphen, fourth-generation president of the family-owned company. “With product innovation and integration, we emphasize to our customers that we are continually improving and becoming the best manufacturer for our firefighters.”

The updated suspension system makes Sutphen apparatus comparable to trucks with independent front suspension (IFS). While comparable to IFS maneuverability, ride quality and overall capabilities, the extraordinary, post-purchase service needs typically associated with IFS will be greatly reduced.

Along with a reduction in post-purchase service, the suspension system places Sutphen as an industry leader in cramp angle and curb-to-curb turning, two major indicators of apparatus maneuverability and overall capabilities.

These upgrades in overall capabilities can be attributed to an industry-leading four Ackerman settings. The Sutphen-specific Ackerman settings are applied during the engineering phase and vary depending on the truck’s wheelbase. When Sutphen applies the ideal Ackerman setting to its apparatus, the suspension is optimized and leads to improvements in everything from cramp angle to rider comfort.

In addition to the industry-leading maneuverability, cramp angle, curb-to-curb turning and Ackerman settings, Sutphen’s new suspension system option includes numerous benefits to the truck’s life span, travel capacity and rider comfort.

Some of the additional benefits of Sutphen’s integration of STEERTEK NXT include:

  • Progressive rate bump stop for handling high dynamic loads without harshness
  • Spring/clamp group integration leading to a reduction in complexity and ease of serviceability
  • Custom tuned passive hydraulic damper
  • Up to 170 pounds lighter weight when compared to other multi-leaf system
  • Up to 24,000-pound capacity, available with both disc and drum brakes.
  • Improved ride quality and lower spring rate due to increased wheel travel and spring steel materials
  • Increased cramp angle allowing for peak maneuverability

For more information regarding the Hendrickson STEERTEK NXT follow this link:

For additional information regarding Sutphen Corporation, follow this link:

About Sutphen: Sutphen Corporation is an Ohio-based, privately held, family-owned business that has manufactured the highest-quality, heavy-duty, custom-built emergency response vehicles since 1890. The company’s headquarters are located in Dublin, Ohio, a northwest suburb of Columbus.


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