FDIC 2018: Released Cleaned Cab Initiative to help Prevent Cancer Caused by Firefighting

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at FDIC 2018! If you came by the Sutphen booth you were able to experience some of the best fire apparatus available in the industry. From the most extreme duty Chassis available to the industry leading Mid-Mount Aerial Platform technology, the very best of Sutphen was on display this year.

Sutphen is proud of the release of our Clean Cab Initiative to the market. Today’s firefighters are more than twice as likely to develop cancer than the average person. Research has determined that exposure to carcinogens, not only via respiratory absorption but also through skin absorption and inhalation of particles left on gear after the fire scene, can lead to firefighting related cancers. Sutphen is committed to helping reduce your exposure to carcinogens by working with your department to customize the Clean Cab options that best fit your needs. The West Palm Beach Fire Department unit on display featured the Clean Cab options specifically designed for their needs.

The Sutphen Extreme Duty Chassis was on display this year, with members of our Chassis Engineering Team on hand to deliver a presentation on what makes our Chassis the best in the industry. Some of the features highlighted were our heavy duty exterior including stainless steel bumper construction, stainless grille and headlight housings, as well as our lifetime warrantied frame rails and superior corrosion protection.

To catch up on what you might have missed and to see all of the highlights from this year’s Sutphen booth at FDIC, visit our social media pages and let us know what you love about Sutphen!

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